What is an Ombudsman?


The Ombudsman is independent of the City's administration, reporting directly to Toronto City Council. 

  • We are impartial investigators of the public’s complaints about the administration of city government, including its agencies, boards and commissions.
  • We are an office of last resort. We look at problems when the existing procedures and processes have not resolved the complaint.
  • We can make recommendations, for example, to change conduct, practice or policy. We do not have the power to force an organization to implement a recommendation.

Our services are free and confidential. 

We are neither advocates for the complainant nor apologists for government.

We are independent and impartial.

We have subpoena powers to obtain documents, compel witnesses and enter premises.

The Ombudsman is exempt from the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and our decisions cannot be challenged in court.